Archive Your Family History - School in Miller S Dakota

At Archive Your Family History, we have many years’ experience in teaching, listening, interviewing and publishing.

If you are interested in writing or recording your memoirs, you are on your way to an exciting exploration of self-discovery, healing and sharing . . . You may choose a personal window into one life or explore the shared experience of an entire family. The possibilities are endless and begin with a single step.

Your memories can take any form:

Oral history
Written memoirs and histories
Multimedia presentations

Our services include the following:

Planning sessions
Oral and Video Interviews
Guidance in memoir writing
Transcription and editing services
Digitizing photos
Book Design

Our art team can also help beautiful your project with these additions:

Multimedia video with voice and/or music soundtrack

We start with a free in-person or Skype interview to aid you in making a short-term plan to begin your project. This may result in the simple decision to find and select a group of photos you would like to scan and keep in a digital format or to set up a time to record your story or that of a relative.

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